The nursery children have had a busy start to the year with lots of learning opportunities and developing of new skills.  We welcomed a few new friends to our group, who have settled in well and are enjoying the experiences of Tullynessle.

We have been very active experiencing opportunities in the outdoor environment.  We have been using our campfire to cook our snacks, spending time bird watching, making bird food, exploring our close community and learning about road safety on our regular walks.

We are encouraging and developing independence skills while getting ready to go outdoors, as well as during social snack and lunchtimes.  Lunches are proving to be very popular, along with the excitement of joining the school children for lunch.  We have been encouraging the children to be involved with menu planning and preparing of snacks.
The nursery days have been stimulating with opportunities of numeracy and literacy tasks to introduce basic skills and develop these further in preparation for the transition to school.

Transition for all pre school Nursery children runs throughout the academic year, with regular contact and interactions between the school and nursery pupils, who are always welcomed into the group with familiar faces.

We welcome any suggestions and comments from families about learning opportunities, snacks and possible outings or if you have any skills you wish to share with the nursery please do not hesitate to get in touch.